Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jumpsuit ♥!!

Hi everyone!
So I ordered a jumpsuit a few weeks ago and it finally arrived this past weekend and I love it!!!
I'm so happy with it! It was inexpensive as well! It's really versatile, so I think it was a good investment for my wardrobe.
I always get really nervous whenever I purchase clothes online because sometimes the clothes don't fit or the color is off, the pictures can be so misleading. Something always goes wrong. Hasn't it happened to you?!
But this time everything went smoothly and I'm extremely happy!
I also bought a super kawaii boater hat too but I will talk about that in a different post!

Rompers/jumpsuits are a huge spring/summer trend in Japan right now, especially floral ones!

all photos from (great site for Japanese street fashion)
Aren't they kawaii!?
They can be worn so many ways!
If you're a fan of this style I HIGHLY reccomend Japanese magazine Vivi. It's such an amazing magazine I LOVE IT! There is so many inspirational outfits in there, it's great! You can find it online on amazon or yesasia or my favorite bookstore, Kinokuniya (in NY). I have to thank my friend Ivy for introducing me to the magnificent magazine! check out her blog here.

Well anyways here is the jumpsuit I bought~~~! Yay!

So the jumpsuit is black and it has a lapel which is what attracted me to it. It's casual but you can still dress it up and wear it out to party or some kind of social gathering.

Hat: Ebay
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Purplow

It's fabric is chiffon so it's lightweight, perfect for spring/summer!
Heehee I look constipated... but I still liked this photo!

It also has an elastic waistband so you can place the waistband where ever you please.
Attempting to do jump photos but failing many times...

Another thing I love about this jumpsuit is that it's versatile and simple. You can have a casual day look transformed into a night look in seconds! Just throw on a blazer and you're ready to go!

Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Tank: Uniqlo
Shoes: Purplow

I purchased this jumpsuit from This site has a lot of super kawaii inexpensive clothes, and they're all from Japan! My jumpsuit arrived earlier then expected, so I trust them! They also have a variety of rompers from floral to denim, super kawaii!!! Hurry and get your romper/jumpsuit before the summer ends! It's not too late!
So check it out and tell me if you bought anything! =)

Bye Bye! =)



I can so relate about buying things online and missing the mark. LOL. Love your Jumpsuit! really do. :)

p.s. cool blog! :D

Ivy Wan said...

oo! another awesome site to shop on now!! x) thx! bahaha!! i CANT WAIT for fall omg. it was SOO hard dressing up for summer this year LOL!! forget rompers and vests, just wearing TSHIRTS and shorts was enough to make me DIE under the sun hahaha!!! >.< but seriously, my closet is filled with long sleeves anyway T T. anyways LOVE UR SELF-PICS!!!! <3 LOVEE!! mine fails. when the camera isn't in my hand.....

Ivy Wan said...

ps: ur wall is SUCH A GREAT BACKDROP ---lsdkjsdjf!!!

Aki No Yuutsu said...

Your jumpsuit is soooo cute!!!!
I love the sky wallpaper!!!

Jennifer said...

lovee the romper!! derek, you pull it off so well and i love the different ways you can wear it. haha and i love all of your photos you took of yourself. lookin' good my friend ;)


i love ViVi magazine, its awesome but its so expensive to purchase it here in Canada. and floral jumpsuits for the win!

Mystery Bruises said...

awesome jumpsuit! you have great style!

Jacqueson said...

How the hell is everything so flattering on you???!