Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update 1.0

3.1 Phillip Lim necklace, elizabeth & james blouse.

Photo by Linda Chow

I'm still alive and yes I'm also still wearing my Phillip Lim Necklace... Other than my usual abusive-overuse and wear of my Phillip Lim necklace, there have been many new and exciting things that have entered my life. I'm sorry for my month absence but in order for me to give my best effort, I had to focus on other aspects of my life. I still do need to focus on the other aspects but this blog is such a fun creative outlet that I can't neglect it. So, bear with me for now!

The most exciting thing that has happened so far is probably getting an internship at, TWELV Magazine. TWELV Magazine is a new fashion, art, music, and charity magazine that just released it's first issue this past June. One of the many things that makes TWELV unique is it's perspective and promotion of charity; 12% of print and digital sales are actually donated to a variety of charities. Which is unheard of from many other fashion magazines. So far I'm having a knowledgable and enjoyable experience at TWELV. In addition to gaining knowledge, I'm making friends and connections that I never thought I would have! As of now I'm really grateful for my experience at TWELV. 

Oh yeah, let's not forget I still have my part-time job in retail... I'm sure anyone with any experience working in retail understands how I feel. 

Just a little life update, but I'm back!

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fran said...

you look fantastic

kathy said...

In love with your Phillip Lim necklace!
So glad you're back :)

Wonder Woman said...

I am absolutely in love with your hair.

Kassidy said...

That necklace is one that is basically screaming to be worn everyday! You look lovely~

Unknown said...

congrats on the internship!!

Gillian Uang said...

Lovely necklace! :)

Théa Unknown said...

Great outfit and photographies! I love your hair color!

Théa Unknown

blue roses said...

if i had that philip lim necklace, it would never leave my body. swoon.

good luck with the internship, what an experience.