Monday, September 17, 2012

designer discovery: Wen Shi

Designer Discovery is a new addition of blog series I will be adding to my usual outfit posts.
As an aspiring fashion stylist, fashion consulting is another aspect of the job that I really want get involved with. To help develop and style a designer's collection and bring it to it's fullest potential is something I really want to partake in. Especially with having a background in fashion design. 

I want to spotlight up-and-coming young designers that I find interesting, so you won't be seeing established designer's like Pheobe Philo or Marc Jacobs within this series. 

So, I hope you're just as excited about discovering new designer's as I am!

Our first designer to kick off this series is Wen Shi!

photos courtesy of Wen Shi

First off, is anyone else's eyes green with envy for that jacket with the mongolian sheep fur sleeves? I die! That would be a great addition for my F/W 2012 wardrobe (hint hint). 

I ran into Wen Shi's work while doing some research for my job, through her win at the Gen Art "Crest 3D White Design Little White Wardrobe Competition." Congratulations!

Aside from the beautiful jacket, the first thing I noticed was the contrast and balance between the soft and structured designs. For someone new to the game of fashion, I think Wen Shi successfully merged the two styles and was able to produce a beautiful cohesive and modern collection. Some of the pieces alone are quite simple, yet they still make a strong statement. Less is more in this collection's case and I am all for it! It's all in the details.

I love the soft wide-legged pants paired with the structured peplum jacket and the simple-modern draped gown. All a lady needs with that white gown is a statement clutch, necklace, messy-chic bun and she will be talk of the town: underrated elegance. The construction and execution of the clothing is applaudable as well, such as the short cocktail dress. The way the princess seams flow right into the ruffles on the skirt is really beautiful and well done.

For a fairly new designer, any viewer would be able to decipher Wen Shi's design aesthetic. To which  I congratulate Wen Shi. She knows who she is and who her customer is, an aspect of the business that many new young designers struggle with.

I look forward to seeing Wen Shi develop and grow as a designer over the next few seasons!
I will definitely be keeping an eye out for her!

Check out the rest of the winning Little White Wardrobe collection here!

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fran said...

very cool designs!


julie hyne said...

its really stylist and simple designs. i like it. thanks

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Amazing designs! I'm very excited to find a new designer who's work I like so much. ^^

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Théa Unknown said...

Amazing collection!

Théa Unknown

Wendy Ayche said...

That outfit is so cute!!
Much love,