Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A taste of popSTYLEcle~~

Hello and Welcome to popSTYLEcle!
First off let me introduce myself, My name is Derek and I currently attend the Fashion Institute of Technology (yay FIT!). I am currently on summer break... doing nothing, so I decided to start a blog, about my one love Fashion and style! Especially since I reside in FL when I'm not in NY, and let me tell ya... in FL fashion is no where to be found! It's non-existent! There isn't even an H&M down here, crazy right!? So I thought starting a fashion blog would help keep me sane in this fashion deprived state.... I love the beaches though =)!

I am infatuated and obsessed with Japanese culture and Japanese people (boys~ >.<) and of course their style and HELLO KITTY! It's one of my dreams to work in Japan as a Stylist. I would die to be absorbed into an environment with such diverse style. Style is the one of the many things I love about fashion it's so interesting to see how clothes can be manipulated to one's taste! Clothes have so much power but people just don't realize or appreciate it. There is so much more I could write but let's save that for later!

I will be writing about many things! Things that I like and find interesting and things that you guys might find interesting. I have many ideas for upcoming posts, so be on the lookout!
I look forward to what the future holds and I hope you guys enjoy my blog!!!
Feel free to share your thoughts with me as well!

See you <3!>

P.S. please excuse the layout... I'm still trying to figure everything out! It will be super Kawaii soon promise!


Ivy Wan said...

DEREK!! happy grand...blogging!! haaha! YES i trust that you WILL put up a super cute layout soon haha! and it's going to make me go WOWWw xP anywho~ yayz! i don't feel so lonely now that i have a neighbor!!! XP LOLS! can't wait for your next post!!!! (AND WHAT!?? NO H&M!?!!?!?!??!?!......................)

derek nguyen said...

hahaha thanks ivy! I'm glad that I have a friend blogging to lols!!
and yes no H&M haha its crazy!!!

Jennifer said...

Derek!! I just started reading your blog...and it's sooo cute! :D I'll def come back to read more posts my stylisssh friend! keep up the great work!<3 ;)

Angela said...

Hey, Derek! I really like your new blog. Very you, but also so professional! What you know about fashion blows me away. And hey, I think it's kawaii kawaii desu already. ;)

derek nguyen said...

ahhh thanks everyone!!! hehe your comments make my day!!!
please continue to support!!!! hehe