Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tabi-the New Socks in Town

Yes Tabi! Not Tavi! Although I must say she is an extremely talented young girl! She has accomplished so much at such a young age! You can't feel anything but be inspired by her! check out her blog here!

Well moving on!

So I went to Epcot some time ago, which is one of the Disney Theme Parks, and while I was in the Japan section, look what I found...

Tabi socks with kawaii frogs! Tabi socks are socks that have a seperation between the big toe and the other toes. Some people may recognize them, as they have an affiliation with ninjas, geishas, and samurais. Do you think I look like a ninja in these? These socks are so intimidating that nobody would want to fight me; they'd be too scared! Aren't you intimidated by these... savage frogs....? But that's ok I'm a lover not a fighter =) hiya!

I love wearing these socks around the house! As you can't really see the unique characteristic Tabi have with shoes on!
In addition, it was quite a challenge to put an outfit together with these socks! So I just went with my usual neutral palette and added the socks for some excitement!

Designer Maison Martin Margiela, actually introduced the Tabi Boots to the fashion Industry back in 1989. Since then, he has been designing a variety of Tabi Boots and flats along with his own clothing line.

photo from

photo from

What do you think of Margiela's famous Tabi Boots?

And I also bought these Geisha postcards while I was at Epcot. Aren't they lovely? I loved their make-up and expressions. It's like they're seducing you with their vulnerability, so scandalous! Something to add to my inspiration collection.

You can purchase your own pair of tabi socks on amazon and ebay.
Let's be ninja's together!


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Ross said...

I've never seen tabi socks with any sort of pattern before, let alone frogs. They're great.