Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hi everyone!
Yesstyle is having an 80% off sale for their 4th anniversary!
Yesstyle imports clothes from all over Asia including Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and more!! Which is great for people overseas that don't have access to cute asian clothes! I love asian clothes!
They have hundreds of things for sale for! Men and women! The clothes are inexpensive as well, which is good news for broke college students... (me) T-T
so check it out! teehee =)
Just wanted to share this info with you all! So hurry before it ends on Aug 3!

Here are some of my picks!

I love this dolman sleeve cardigan! Be stylish and comfortable in this!

Look feminine and refined in this playsuit! So kawaii!

Now I usually don't wear hoodies in public but this one is perfect, stylish and comfortable! I wouldn't be ashamed to wear this!

Tie-dye is currently a popular trend right now (Porenza Schouler, Sumo, etc). So rock this trend in these edgy drop crotch pants.

Here is the website!

Happy Shopping!
Tell me what you bought!


Dorian Santi said...

i can't see the pics but i know that would be beautiful!!

Nice blog!!take a look at me!!

derek nguyen said...

oh thanks for telling me! They should be fixed now!
and thank you i will def take a look at your blog!

Ivy Wan said...

I LOVE the sweater/hoodie!!!!! it looks soo comfy and softtt xD oh i saw your comment! are you looking for overalls or rompers? here are a few of both, that i think are all very cute~! :)))) (Also from YesStyle! ;D)





Forever21 had a pair of boyfriend overalls once! But they're gone now :( only $28~ But anyway, these are adorable and stylish too in their own way, so i hope you'll find something you like! :P

derek nguyen said...

hahah thanks Ivyt I did see overalls on yesstyle to!
but I think Im going to wait to get back to NY and go vintage shopping and look for some!

Ivy Wan said...

ooooo thats a good idea too!!! x] but i hope they'll still be in by then :( cuz u know how they're starting to put out fallwear already! > .<;;