Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sun Showers and Macaroni & Cheese

Sun showers! do you know what they are? hehe
It is when it rains outside but the sky is still clear! Well I don't know if sun showers is the correct term but it makes sense right? I love sun showers because they don't occur everywhere, they usually tend to appear in more. . . tropical areas. That's why they're so special! You have to be in certain places to experience them! I always anticipate if a rainbow will appear, or even better a DOUBLE RAINBOW!! I've never seen a double rainbow before. I wonder if my reaction will be the same as the double rainbow guy. . . for those of you that have no clue what I'm talking about please watch this video!

Oh and what other way to make sun showers even more special? Macaroni and cheese! Yum!

Sorry everyone, I meant to take a picture of my mac & cheese but it was so yummy that I forgot! Than when I remembered it was all gone T-T

I also wore suspenders that day as well. I just wanted to show one of many different ways to wear them! You don't have to wear suspenders the typical traditional way! Be creative!

I tucked my tank in just at the ends and just let the excess hang loosely.
I wish my butt was a bit plumper. . . I need to eat more mac & cheese!

Tank - Uniqlo, Suspenders - H&M, Shorts - American Apparel (cut an old pair of pants from there)

Ok well I'm going to go write my persuasion paper on How I think Gay Marriage should be allowed! Equal rights!

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Zabrinah said...

You're working the suspenders!


Sun showers sounds like a correct term. And yes, I totally know what you mean about double rainbow! It's such a funny video.

Best wishes from one blogger to another,