Friday, August 6, 2010

Beach and boots

So, my Dad's boots have been sitting in my closet for days now. I always glanced at them every time I searched my wardrobe for something to wear. Then one day I just thought, you know they aren't that bad! So I tried them on and I just loved them! It's funny cause my dad is the last person I would expect to be taking any clothes from. He isn't exactly the fashion lover.

It's great because I need to expand my shoe collection and I didn't have to spend a penny on these! Plus they're vintage and who doesn't love vintage things?!

I wore them when my family and I went to a beach front restaurant! Is it strange that I wore boots on the beach?

Vest - H&M, Tank - Uniqlo, Shorts - H&M, Boots - Vintage

Isn't the sky beautiful?!

I had to seize this moment! The sky was to pretty to ignore!

The beach at night is kinda scary. . . there was lightning and the waves looked like monsters! But it was so thrilling! =)


Kasia W. said...

nice pics!;)

Nav said...

those boots are pretty cool!


Ivy Wan said...

haha!! i started digging stuff out of my mom's closet too!! remember that oversized blue shirt and long floral skirt that i made into a dress on wendy? hahaha i never liked looking into vintage stuff before but now i know why they're so interesting xD. anyway, cute boots! ...are you sure your dad didn't buy them from the women's section??? they look like ankle booties to me. and i didn't know guys wore them too.. very, very suspicious teehee XP

Ivy Wan said...

oh i forgot to mention--LOOK at those muscles!! hHAHA derekkk do you work out???? XP