Saturday, November 6, 2010

this is a way

So recently went to go see David Choi perform and he was amazing! I honestly like him live more than his recordings. His lyrics are so precious. They make your heart all warm and mushy. If you are a fan of Taylor Swift I would recommend David Choi! Check out his youtube channel here.

my favorite is "This is a way"

David was amazing!

I went with my wonderful friends.
Than I noticed how cute and amazing my friend Carissa looked! Can you say Queen of layers?

I love Carissa's style, it truly represents her personality. Quirky and unique! Her style is something that not many people can pull off. You can tell she is being herself and is comfortable in her own skin! I love it!

Do you see the bow tie peeking underneath her scarf layers?!
The sweater is her dad's!

Her cute animal rings! She loves Turtles!

Than there is me. . . but everyone has their own style!
Don't forget that!
express blazer, uniqlo cardigan, american apparel tank, american eagle shorts, unknown socks, vintage boots, Topshop circle scarf.

I am obsessed with this scarf. I love the color and everything! I wear it so often!

I apologize for not updating recently but school has consumed my life and this week was well. . . not heaven. . . Sorry!

and yes I am still wearing shorts. . . I can not let go yet! =)

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Aki No Yuutsu said...

Ok, I'll check out his music!
You and your friend's scarves are amazing!!!