Thursday, December 9, 2010

Homely Runaway

So over my thanksgiving break (I know that was a long time ago!) I visited my lovely friend Ivy. Earlier in the year she had asked me if I would like to help style a photo shoot for her, and of course I said yes! I have been waiting to do a photo shoot for fun for the longest time! So it finally happened and these are the results!

Our concept was homeless runaway.

I had a blast, I hope you enjoyed them! I promise the next photo shoot will be much better! We already started planning it!

Photography: Ivy Wan and Brian Chen
Stylist: Derek Nguyen (Me!)
Hair: Ivy Wan
Make-up: Vanessa Liang
Models: Shiowei Cheng & Tim D'Amoto

Visit Ivy's blog and Facebook page!


Ulia said...

DEREK!!! These photos are amazing!! You did a fantastic job with the styling, I would wear that in a second! I hope are doing alright, and I wish you luck on your next shoot!

jemina said...

These are awesome!!! more please...


Ulia said...

[ and yes, this is julia:) ]

KANI said...

fabulous styling, i love how you used the suitcase as a prop! <3

Ivy Wan said...

^ that was my suitcase! ;)

hahaha omgsh HOMELY RUNAWAY! that's a good name!! now why didn't u think of it sooner?? xD jkkk thanks for sharing the photos too and mentioning me! :P it was LOTS of fun working with you <3 can't wait for our next one! ;)

oomph. said...

love the photos!!!

Sharnie Hung said...

Heart this!