Thursday, June 2, 2011

overdue: a snippet of my semester

Fusion Fashion show

Designer: Wonki Lee, FIT winner

Designer: Edwin Mahoney, FIT

Designer: Daniel Silverstain, FIT

Designer: Mackenzie Sam, FIT 2010 Winner

Working working. . . this is what our lives consist of at FIT

My exhibition garment for the Film Noir exhibit. This was before the hand beading! I hand sewed those feathers! The top layer only though =)

there's mine! Only a select amount of students get into the exhibit!

Joe Zee! He came to a panel at FIT to talk about American fashion.

Cherry blossom festival at the Brooklyn botanical Garden!

Yeah. . . I went by myself. . .

Central park

Boat rowing in central park! lovely!

I just wanted to share some overdue photos and extras with you all!
So, basically everything here is basically all I did this semester. . . sad right?
I spent the rest of my time doing homework. . . this semester absolutely destroyed me!
constantly working 20-24 hr days! I barely slept this semester TT_TT
FIT is aging me!
4th semester is a really intense/"important" semester for the fashion design students here at FIT.
I won't go into detail as I will get nightmares as I relive those dreadful moments in my head.

But hey, victory is mine! Although, my GPA did drop . . . it's ok.

ps. oh my goodness 100 followers! What a milestone! I am super happy right now
Thank you for having interest in my blog!
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Gabrielle said...

Love these photos and love love love your blog. I'm glad I found it, your style is amazing!


Marie said...

These photos are so wonderful. I love getting a sneak peak into the lives of design students. Your work is gorgeous, as well.

And that mint green sweater you're wearing?? I LOVE IT!!

I also just hit 100 followers!! Isn't it a great feeling :)

So What If I Like Pretty Things

sharonlei said...

Hey my dear! You are super talented. :) I love that dress you created! I hope to be able to visit NYC one day... it's a long way from Hawaii, but I'll make it there. :D

xx Love & Aloha

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

I love you.

jae said...

omg joe zee! so glad your back, and your dress looks wonderful!

KANI said...

congrats on getting into the exhibit! <3 thanks for visiting my blog! <3

Christine said...

of course i'm kpop obsessed, plus Koreans are ahead of the fashion and style ;) I totally love your blog and style, i'm following! :) btw great black dress it looks fantastic, your freakin talented!I would so wear that dress!

thanks for commenting/visiting my blog :)

Alter Ego said...

nice!! loveee the minth green sweather.. and joe zeee!!!! how cool.

xo loveee

Fashion Mom said...

waw you make an amazing dress!! I want your dress!!! ;-)

Rinny said...

The dress you created is amazing Derek :) Congrats on getting into the exhibition!

kathleen said...

JOE ZEE! haha. i've just discovered your blog and i'm LOVING IT x

A La Mode said...

I helped out on a ELLE US shoot the other day and Joe Zee was on set, he was great!

Temporary:Secretary said...

The dress is GORGEOUS!!! Clearly, yours is the best one!! :) You're very talented designer and can't wait for the day we see your name in Vogue :)

Wendy said...

I love that blue dress you designed! It shows a lot of talent :)

Vee said...

awesome post !! the pics are great =) i love this outfit with the blue jumper thing ... really suits you =)

hope you had a good weekend !!

xxxx Vee