Friday, July 1, 2011

miu miu mock-offs

ebay boater hat. vintage glasses. h&m t-shirt. thrifted shorts. asos carousel necklace.

So, I am pretty sure every fashion enthusiast can reference this print back to the glorious and super cute Miu Miu spring/summer 2010 collection. I saw these super cute and big (they're a size 10!) shorts while randomly thrifting one day and instantly screamed MIU MIU! In my head of course! Now, obviously I knew it was just a mock-off. But, I was so torn to buy it or not! In my fashion rule/vow/value book, It is illegal to buy any fake knock off product! I refuse to buy any fake designer products! I personally think its tacky and a disgrace! These shorts don't count right?! There isn't a ridiculous knock off label of "Mui Mui" or "Moo Moo" on it. . . I couldn't find the original label on the shorts.
I couldn't resist and just bought them! They were only 8$ to!

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Janelle Moran said...

knock off or not... it looks good on u... :D

jae said...

some times, when items are that cute, you can excuse your self from the 'knock-off' rules! don't worry, i know how you feel, whenever i do find something that looks really cute but really similar, i feel guilty, but sometimes you just can't help it!

also, please vote for me in the fashiolista competition (details on the blog!)

Camilla said...

super cute shorts

x Camilla

Sherley S. Wijaya said...


krizza said...

Hi Derek! Thanks for visiting at my site! I appreciate it! Also for throwing nice comments!

My daughter also loves to dress up and perhaps I can show her some of your collections in this site.

By the way, you look stunning in that outfit! :)

Angel Garcia said...

They look great but the only time I would not buy a designer knock off is if it has the designer label inside.. If it is an imitation or inspiration from the look then yes.. You look good though..

All the best, Angel

CINDY NGO said...

super cute prints! i love the shorts. h&m had some like those... and so did forever 21.

thanks for visiting, derek!
hope to hear from you again soon :)


IG said...

uhh,i love the shorts
&& thanks for the comment :)


Katjusha sleepless in Berlin said...

so cute :D i love birds... i have them on dresses and i painted them on my walls ;)


Btw I'm doing a GIVE-AWAY where you can win a cambridge bag and a tanktop with a universal print!

would be happy if you could join the give-away!

greetz from Berlin,


Temporary:Secretary said...

CUTE shorts all the same! Really suits you x

Joey said...

Let's call it "inspired by" ;)

At the end of the day, I don't think Miu Miu patented dove/swallow prints? It looks fab on you, in any case. I love your carousel necklace!! Too cute!

Cindy said...

I have a top from H&M in the same print! Your shorts looks great on you. I wish I could rock hair like your's.

Style Soufflé

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
hey ! thats a super cute short :D and looks great on you .
would you like to follow each other ? let me know :)

adeliiiiiine said...

Hey Derek! Those shorts of yours are sooooo nice. I would definitely get them. xD And you've got nice hair in the pictures from the "Two In One" post. It looks really nice and soft and shiny and clean. haha.

Anyways, Thanks for that lovely comment you left on my blog. :)

The milk thief said...

looove the outfit
especially the shorts! knock off or not they look awesome!

yumiKo said...

i LOVe you shorts!!!
Can you follow each other? ^_^

the nyanzi report said...

love the second shot.

Christine said...

adorable shorts, they kind of remind of ones from F21! love that blue :)

SoapyMermaid said...

you were right to buy those miumiu inspired shorts : they're very nice!

Christine said...

i totally just noticed how great that necklace is :)

thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :D

NEONblack said...

OMG youre the cutest! I love your following you!!