Saturday, April 7, 2012

closet insight by Wiseling

Closet Insight with Derek Nguyen from Wiseling on Vimeo.

Quite recently, I had the lovely opportunity to be interviewed by Wiseling, an up-and-coming online clothing marketplace. Here, I just share some insight regarding my closet and some thoughts about my style. For some reason I keep forgetting that bloggers are real people and that we only exist in a virtual world; so, it's interesting/strange to hear bloggers talk. . . Is it just me that thinks this? But anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the mini interview!
Thanks for stopping by Karin of Wiseling!

Click here to view the full post on Wiseling's blog!
Click here to go to Wiseling's main page and sign up to be informed about their official launch!

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kathy said...

ahh you are so adorable!
it's really nice getting to you know you better :)
i like colour coordinating my wardrobe too

garde said...

you are so lovely....

Melissa said...

I love this video, you seem so lovely! and your blog is one of my favourites to read! I really love your blazer you're wearing there too!

Alicia said...

So cute!!

Alessandra Mazzini said...

Nice video!! I love your outfit here!


Such a delight to hear your voice.

June said...

this is really cool...really enjoyed the interview...