Thursday, June 24, 2010

bald & beautiful

video courtesy of youtube

one of my recent obsessions, ICONIQ ♥ ♥ ♥
I just love a bald girl with killer style. It just is so empowering.
Her inner beauty glows and her confidence shines! Its the first thing you notice, the clothes don't wear her, she wears the clothes. That's how it's done! People could learn a thing or two from her... *cough girls that walk like horses in heels wearing tacky zebra print dresses cough* =)
The white pilot outfit is my favorite, so fierce! She carries everything so well. I can't get over it.
I also love her music its so refreshing, modern and empowering. Even though I can't understand Japanese, you can just feel the emotion and power her music exudes. Especially, her song "Change Myself," my personal favorite. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the MV for it.

Video courtesy of youtube

She's also currently the face of Japanese beauty line Shiseido. I love the message this commercial conveys, you don't need much to be beautiful, just self-confidence. Your self-confidence is what makes you truly beautiful, clothes, make-up, etc are merely tools to enhance and express your inner beauty.

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Doesn't she look super kawaii in this pink organza number!?
love her! don't you?!

support her music if you like her =)


Jennifer said...

She's stunning! --even with no hair! xD I love how she has so much confidence! ~<3

Angela said...

Shiseido used her "Change Myself" song in this really long commercial for lipstick. But it's so uplifting! <3

Front Row Mode said...

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