Saturday, June 26, 2010

boys boys boys

lots of them! with muscles...mmm!
Boys (not just any ordinary boy but models!) are just a nice little extra treat to look at besides the fabulous clothes! a nice perk about menswear... =)
There's nothing wrong with eye candy!
Here are some of my faves of Menswear Spring 2011! Milan and Paris

Burberry Prorsum:
As I was looking through the collection, there was such a strong presence in each look; just like their resort 2011. I'm so in love with Burberry it's strong, edgy and modern.

I basically loved every cropped leather jacket in this collection

I love this whole look, from the trench to the leather pants and boots.
eyes will definitely be on you in this outfit, who doesn't want to be a showstopper?

Dolce & Gabanna:
Dolce & Gabanna really know how to make a man look sexy! (smell sexy to! yay light blue)!
In their sleek modern suits, white or black.

Who doesn't love a man in a suit?!

I would wear this whole look, I love the sheerness of the shirt as well as the elbow-length sleeves. It gives it a unique touch!

This shirt half-buttoned is such a tease! He's just screaming to take it all off.
But anyways I love the shorts with the cuffs and the slight paperbag waist! super cute!

ahh a man in a well tailored black suit will never cease to be sexy

a whole parade of them! One for everyone (include models please)!


I found this collection to be very relaxed but still luxurious and sophisticated.

I loved the color palette, muted, soft, and sophisticated. It reminds me of a cute beach town along the Mediterranean Sea.

I can picture myself wearing Hermes (with my birkin of course) on my lovers super expensive yacht in the Mediterranean right now...(one day!)

relaxed luxury

I would wear and would like to have almost everything in this collection. I loved the soft neutral romantic colors, along with the pops of subtle pastels. It brought excitement to the collection!

This business man would stand out against the others and still retain professionalism. Soft but sharp!

I just love the pop of aqua in the shoes against the neutral colors, it adds individuality to the look.

lovely~~~! I want!

Best dressed employee! love love love!

...........hes mine X3..........
Just a nice treat for you lovely readers.
Just to make this post more exciting!
This is Dsquared

My favorite collection was Dunhill, I just loved everything about it, the colors, the clothes, the cuts. To die for! I'm glad to see that menswear is becoming more creative. That's one reason why I don't really buy guy clothes anymore, it just lacks creativity and color options (the other is that I just don't fit guy clothes, I'm too petite!).

While browsing through the collections, I was going to have nightmares from half of the collections. Some of them were just so scary! I love Givenchy, but I had to stop viewing it, the masks were just too much for me. It was very Lady GaGa, "Alejandro," which isn't exactly the happiest video... nor did I like it, it was just to eerie. I find that religious things come off kind of creepy and eeire, like Massacio's "Holy Trinity."

thats all for now, no more boys for you!
all for me =)

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ps. sorry about the underline. It's not supposed to be there and I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it.

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