Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Style Savvy

Style to me is not just an outfit, but an art of self expression. Style is one of the main reasons I love fashion. There's all the freedom you can have, no boundaries, no rules, all there is you. I see it as an escape from the worlds rules and laws (not that they're bad, we need laws and rules!)

Here are two of my lovely friends Soyeon (left) and Jinney (right). We were on our way back from a victorious Fusion - FIT vs Parsons show (yay FIT)! It was also Jinney's birthday that day to! Then I noticed how style savvy these lovely ladies looked!

Soyeon (left) looks super kawaii with her selection of neutral colors with subtle pops of color by her accessories. Her addition of the black belt and heels add a chic touch to her ensemble! I think what makes this HER outfit is the oversized coat and burgundy hat!
Soyeon is wearing...

Coat - From Korea
Cardigan - Zara
Dress - From Korea
Hat - From Korea
Bag - Vintage
Belt - Betsey Johnson
Stockings - H&M

Jinney (right) shows her bubbly style with an edgy nautical look. To make it her own she lets her shirt hang loosely but balances it out with a cropped jacket and shorts! She also adds her signature touches, the fedora and tie!
Jinney is wearing...

Jacket - United Colors of Bennetton
Sweater - Abercrombie
Shirt - N/A
Shorts - Forever 21
Fedora - Forever 21
Tie - N/A
Stockings - N/A

Style Savvy will be something that will come up often. It'll be my street style posts! So look forward to them!
I hope to share the magic of style =)
The next ones won't be as long, promise!

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