Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pink Flamingos

Hat - ebay, Shirt - Forever 21, Shorts - H&M, Shoes - Purplow

So, after. . . many many years I went to the zoo! It was a fun experience but I'm sure I would have appreciated this trip more if I was five. But anyways, I always look forward too seeing one animal whenever I go to the zoo. The pink flamingos! I love flamingos, they've been my favorite animal since I could remember! I remember I had an obsession with pink; I loved the color pink so much that I didn't let anyone else like pink. That's right no one was allowed to like pink but me! Even the pink power ranger! hehe. . . So it was inevitable that I loved pink flamingos too!

Look they're fighting! What's your favorite animal?

I actually bought this shirt the day before. I was originally looking for a denim button-up but my search failed. So I just settled with this shirt and I am very happy with my decision! I love the white piping along the center-front tab!

Sheltering in the shade. It was so hot and humid!

I just love this hat so much! When I received it, the brim was actually to big, so it looked un-proportionate to my head. So I had to unravel some of the brim and trim it!

When was the last time you went to the zoo?


Anonymous said...

i like your shirt :)

& the last time i went to zoo was last year in summer :) but i like going to the zoo :D

Orphin Lasz said...

O u O You look so pretty and fresh!! I really, really like your style! it's so carefree and efortlessly cute; it suits you beautifully!
kekeke you look really cute! ; u ;

Hmmm, I've been to the zoo just a few times in my life... maybe just three times, I think?

~ Orphin's Domains ~

SAM said...

great photos and outfit :)

you really love your short shorts,that what ill be rocking in summer i cant wait :)


Aki No Yuutsu said...

yay!!! we have matching hat!!!
Love this summery outfit!

derek nguyen said...

thank you everyone for such great comments!

and yes I really really really do love my short shorts haha
Yay rock those short shorts! hehe

Jane See said...

You totally rock short shorts! They look great with your long legs! :)

KANI said...

shirts tucked in are great!! love the hat too

Sara Louise said...

amazing blog & inspirational pics

Devon said...

I seriously love your blog x