Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bow Clip

Can't forget my favorite scarf of the moment!

My precious! hehe

Topshop infinity scarf, Urban Outfitters Blazer, Uniqlo Turtleneck, Unknown Romper, Vintage Boots and Bow clip

I found this bow sitting in my drawer a few years ago. I thought it was cute but I had no idea what to do with it! But I finally found a use for it! yay!

This bow dates back to my elementary days. It's so precious! If I were to lose this I think I will die!


20 York Street said...

The bow clip is pretty brilliant! I bet you can get so much mileage out of it! I'd put it on dresses, crisp polo shirts and blazers!

I can see why you love that scarf! Love it too!

Aki No Yuutsu said...

that's a clever use of that bow!! And you look awesome!

KANI said...

the bow is lovely <3


i love bows!! i still need to get one of these it looks great w/that blazer and scarf!

Dee O. said...

Very cool...and I absolutely ADORE you scarf!!!!!!! I want it! lol


CMA said...

love the bow
love your blog, keep it up!
come visit the revamped COSMICaroline!


THE CRAFT said...

Hey Derek, thanks for checking my blog out! Hope you enjoyed it. Loving this outfit post and that scarf is such a dream! I'm following you now :)

The Craft

Kacrates said...

omg your poses are fab. werqq those shorts.

Puck Litaay said...

The bow is so cute!

Arietta said...

What a cute bow and a lovely scarf. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :))


The Little Dust Princess said...

I love circle scarves!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Elle said...

Hi derek! I just realized the strangest thing. I noticed that you looked kind of familiar when I was on your blog and I've been trying to figure out how I know you. I just found that I used to go the same school as you and some of my closest friends were friends with you. One of them pointed you out to me a few years ago, about how you're an amazing designer or something like that. Well, I won't get into on here, but I really hope you won't find this too stalkerish or anything. Anyway, I'm a big fan of your style :)

xx elle