Friday, January 21, 2011

guilt free shopping

blazers bought from vintage/thrift stores
asos draped cowl T and tank
urban outfitters blouse and thrifted overalls
forever 21 blazer vest and peg knit pants
flea market pig brooch, asos two mice kissing ring and robot necklace (my favorite)

So I don't know about you lovelies but whenever I go shopping a trail of guilt always haunts me! Maybe it's because I should be saving that money for food and school supplies. . .but I can't help it! I just need and want more clothes! It's a never ending hunger!

My mom took me shopping about a week ago and these were all the items I purchased! Just felt like sharing and there was no trail of guilt since a majority of the clothes were on sale and my mom paid for me. . . thanks mom! But don't be mistaken I usually feel really guilty spending my mom's or anyone's money!

On my next to get list
more accessories

One week until I return to NYC! =)


Sher said...

It's great when you get to have so many newbies without spending a cent though! Lovely lovely buys, especially those blazers, oh my:)


Reg Rodriguez said...

great buys!!! i love your pants from forever 21. a girl can never have too much clothes! :)


Jihee said...

haha i always get buyers remorse when i go out shopping but i mean, i love it so most likely my guilt will go away after i start wearing it haha.

love what you bought! I love thrift shopping so much except you have to like dedicate a lot of time so you can dig around for the good stuff ;)

Aki No Yuutsu said...

ahhh... the "Guilt"... i know what you mean... it haunts me too..

SAMANTHA said...

great stuff! i know the guilt factor- at least you got them on sale and they're all cute :)


Audrey Allure said...

Gorgeous blazers!

QueenDesi said...

ahaha.. that's my guilty pleasure too..
but i can help it, i really need a therapyst for this one.
love the your blazers collections!


in Love&Light
Queen D

Danielle C said...

Hey Derek! I love your vintage finds! and that robot is super cute! yay another vintage lover who blogs : ) yea you're right it can be smelly and dirty so I try not to rub my face while I'm in the stores lol.

Thanks for dropping by!

bqueen91 said...

I love the ROBOT! And btw, thanks for your sweet comment. Hope to see you at the OFW! :)

Jocelyn Ng said...

Cute necklace! Nice blog anyway, love your header!

Natalie Suarez said...

cool pieces! i love it! :)


love the piggy!

Anonymous said...

i have been looking EVERYWHERE!!
but i have not found awesome harem pants like that!!!

and thank you for following my blog too :)
and i do feel better now, and
.....i think i failed my chemistry final....

ANYWAYS. we have to hang out sometime!
i hope you are doing well, and ill ttys!!
<3 (j)Ulia

Sharnie Hung said...

Love everything! Especially those blazers. Gah. Lol. And the robot necklace is really cute. :)

I know the feeling. Wanting and needing more clothes. It's endless. Lol.

I always get the guilt too... But I forget about it once I'm wearing them. :D

Lucky you!

Haru said...

Thanks so much for your comment x
I understand you well! I can't stop myself buying things although I HAVE TO save that money!!! :P
Great items! I especially love the urban outfitters blouse! :D

Haru x

belle said...

I'd totally accept the guilt if I can get my hands on those blazers!! pass it on! :)

janet said...

wow! cool stuff!
love the balzers and harem pants!
thanks for the comment :)

KANI said...

the robot necklace is great and so are the blazers!