Thursday, January 6, 2011

We are who we are

Uniqlo Cardigan & Tank, H&M Button-up, Asiaphillic Romper (shorts), Self-Made Bow Tie, Vintage Boots

It was my dad's birthday a few days ago (Jan 4th) and we celebrated by going to a delicious Italian restaurant called Brio. Italian food has to be one of my favorite food genres. Just behind Vietnamese and Thai food! So delicious!

I always worry about dressing "too different" whenever I go out with family or friends that are outside of NYC because I honestly worry about embarrassing them since people outside the city are a bit less. . . open minded. But I always have to remind myself that this is who I am and that I should not alter the way I dress for others. Neither should anyone else =) Now I just don't care. I wear my short shorts everywhere I go!


Miss Donata said...

thank you for the comment you left in my blog!!! now browsing thru yours and i love your style!!! great big bow!! i definitely feel you about dressing up in front of people who does not understand or who are not use to it. i tend to dress down but i am more inspired now to not care too!! hehe

jae said...

thanks for checking out my blog,
you look freakin' adorable, i could just cuddle you - it may sound creepy, but im one of those 'in the moment/overly affectionate' people haha. i really love the boots and bow, who cares what they think, its cute!
definatley following you!

Isaque Lima said...

beautiful look, i love this scarf!!!

Ulia said...

Derek you are so freaking adorable. I absolutely love the new pictures, especially with the cool pattern on the wall and everything
I hope you had a lovely winter break and a great 2011
hopefully you will achieve all of your goals!!

<3 Julia
haha, aka "Ulia"

Becky-May said...

oh wow I love the bow tie you made. it's lush

The Flower Girl


victoire jin said...

you're just so photogenic! and you are really lucky to be living in such an open city. where i live, it's considered weird if you even wear platforms on the streets, or a faux fur jacket. no kidding!


Aki No Yuutsu said...

Love that bow!!!
And you look great in shorts!

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Diggin' the bow tie!

Song Anh said...

You make me smile :) this is really cute. Oh how envious I am of that bow tie!

P.S. (in reference to your comment on my blog)
You dip bread in condensed milk too?? Oh how neat! I know very few people that do. You are very awesome :)

Cup of Fashion

Suz said...
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jamie-lee said...

omg I know the feeling! Whenever I go vist my family outside of the city they always look at me strange.

LOVING that bow tie, super cute idea! x

diana kang said...

you look amazing and i love the title of this post! xx

Tofu said...


Gladys Lopez said...

you look awesome! i really like the watery effect going on in your pictures. :)
omg uniqlo! i love that store. i went to several uniqlo stores when i was in japan. too bad i don't live in nyc so i could shop there again.

Sjaar said...

Great look! I love the effect on the wall behind you! Nice style keep up!

Rosa said...

Cute outfit!
Really like your shorts ;)

KANI said...

your bow is cute and i agree, dress however you like! it's none of other people's business

QueenDesi said...

Oh man!!
found something different here, and guess what?! there's nothing differen with being different, that's fabulous!! and i really appreciate how strong you stand up with your fashion idealism. keep going with it, fashion world really need someone like you.
You really remind me to Bryan Boy.

thx for leave comment in my blog,
i'm your new follower now..feel free if you wanna follow me back.


in Love&Light
Queen D

sbot said...

Love your bow tie!

Im your newest follower, hope youll want to follow me too : )


Sunters said...

Very nice outfit !

I love your style


Elle said...

you really are the cutest! I'm absolutely in love with your outfit, and I adore your bow tie. are you willing to do a post on how you made your bow tie? I suddenly feel the obsessive need to own one after seeing this post :)


Tam said...

You just inspired me! I have a fetish for giant bow ties and always look for blouse with bow tie. But now I can just use a scarf and tie it instead. Nice and simple love it.