Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hideaki Hamada + help save japan!

all photos from Hideaki Hamada's blog & Flickr account

I discovered Hideaki Hamada's photos through a friend, and when I saw them I fell in love! These pictures are the most precious photos I have ever seen! Besides my own! Just kidding!
You can not help but gush over these photos. I love its nostalgic energy! The subjects in his photos are actually his own two sons!

These photo's really make you smile.

I know everyone by now has heard about the tragic event in Japan. Although I have never been to Japan, my heart ached when I first heard about the news. I just could not believe that something so horrible could happen to such a peaceful country with such nice and beautiful people!
I just had to find a way to help out!

Here's how you can!
The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is accepting donations and it's easy!
Just text "redcross" to 90999. (U.S. only)
You will be donating $10 and it will appear on your monthly phone bill.

If you are from Canada
You can text "ASIA" to 30333 and you will make a $5 donation

You can also go to the and make a donation towards the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief fund. Everyone can do this one I believe!
click here!

Help Japan and its people.
Pray for everyone's safety.

UPDATE: If you can not text because you do not live in the U.S. or Canada you can go to the Red Cross webpage HERE and donate there! =)


monchinee said...

THEY ARE JUST SO CUTEEE!!! i thought i would be able to choose my fav pic but i cant just so addorable!!!

does the redcross thing work everywhere in the world? would love to donate. so sad what has happened. :(


Lia Waroka Putri said...

those kids are way so adorable! I can't resist their cutieness ^____^
May Japan be blessed soon ;')

CINDY said...

ohemgee. these pictures are so adorable! i wish i could capture moments like these with my son & niece! but gosh, they fight like crazy. HAHA.

thanks for stopping by, sweetie! you remind me bryanboy! loving your styleeee. :) those DIY scalloped shorts are amazing!

i'm following you! hope you'll do the same :)
stop by again sooooon.


Lisa said...

Those photos are amazing! An yes, my prayers are definitely woth the Japanese people right now, so sad and horrible.
x Lisa

annA said...

A hug to all Japanese, I'm next to them with my heart.


Aki No Yuutsu said...

OMG... agree... so precious! every single pic tells a story. My prayers to all ppl in Japan.

Liana said...

these are such adorable and amazing photos!
i feel so bad about what's happening in japan too, it breaks my heart to see such tragedy...thanks for doing your part and trying to get donations, i think every little bit helps :)
thanks for stopping by my blog!

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Carolyn said...

the CUTEST little kids. and yes definitely keeping japan in prayer.. <3

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...


J.J. said...

le adorable

KANI said...

those kids are so so cute! especially the way they are dressed <3

Amy T said...

his photography is so adorable. i love this. thank you for showing

Alter Ego said...

sooo cutie pieeee!! gotta marrie a japanese to have cute kids hahah love how you show!! xo honey bee