Tuesday, July 26, 2011

good bye baby

elizabeth and james blouse. thrifted overalls. forever 21 bracelet. vintage bell bracelet. vintage boots. vintage heart brooch.

When I say baby, I mean the sun! Summer heat is just unbearable and it's causing me to be unproductive and lazy because I loathe going outside. I prefer to stay within an air conditioned vicinity away from the Florida scorching sun rays that will tan my skin and visually change my race. Trust me, by the end of summer I will no longer look Asian. Especially with my relatives coming to visit for 2 weeks, I know that they will want to head to the beach pretty much everyday. . . must stay pale! In many Asian cultures it's considered beautiful to have pale skin, which is ironic to American culture as they love to tan! I find that by having a tan it steers you towards a specific look, therefore it's harder to pull off certain looks because of the tan. Tan is so not me. Wish me luck on my attempt to not get tan. . .
Gotta whip out that SPF!

ps. thank you for sharing your dslr recommendations! I will share my decision whenever it's made, but I'm pretty sure I will be getting a canon!


Liana said...

these are gorgeous photos, especially the first one! and im the same way, i loathe the heat, although i am obsessed with going to the ocean or beach. good luck with the new camera!

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Gria Loka said...

ahhhh! Now I have someone who have similar thoughts for not getting tan. I dont want to get any darker. I applied as much as possible sunscreen! Derek I love you blog and your my top fav bloggers! And..I dont know why your new blog entry reminds ms of To be with you by mr. big. Oh well..Im just weird hehe :)

Molto ❤ Fashion said...

Your boots are amazing- they're so classic.

Théa Unknown said...

I like your blouse!

Théa Unknown

So Yeah So said...

It's the same way in the African American community. It's leftover from colonialism, slavery, blah blah. Basically the white standard of beauty making us beautiful people of color feel like poo for having more melanin. Of course, staying pale has it's health benefits so I'm cool with it.

Jackie H. said...

ahaha you're hilarious. I wish it was slightly as hot as Florida here (seattle, WA). Ugh this is the worst summer we've had yet, so I'm jealous of you!

But yeah, completely understandable on the asian pale doll like skin. My parents RAGEEEE every summer when I'm tan but whenever it's hot in Seattle, EVERYONE is outside, no exceptions.

xxoo Jackie
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Jessica Truong said...

Your pictures are amazzzzinggg!! Such a beautiful shot with the sunset.

The bracelet is from F21 :) If you can rock these shortalls, you can totally rock leopard!! xo

I V Y said...

oh man, super cute overalls <3


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Beauty. x hivenn

The Blushing Fox said...

asusual you look stunning

Melissa said...

Your look is really nice, perfect for the beach. Yes, it is so true that a tan is less versatile than pale skin. I think it's really stunning when a model is milk white. Tan does look better on "real life" people, though, because you just look healthier and it makes cellulite less noticible ;)

You should totally use Ocean Potion brand sunscreen, it works soooo well, and you'll still be able to have fun at the beach ;)


michelle_ said...

gorgeous <3
loving the shorts and the ankle boots combo ! beautiful pics as well !

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Christine said...

i wish I could go to the beach everyday but not to get darker LOL! I love these shots :)


Gabriella Olivia said...

what a great style and blog you got here! love!
love your boots and the photos are all lovely. <3


Pop Champagne said...

haha I've been trying to not get a tan for the summer too, it's been hard! and love your boots in these pics!

Ellie said...

Love this outfit, especially those shoes!

Mani said...

Such a fabulous outfit! You really have an exquisite style!
I checked your blog and saw so many fabulous looks!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

behind my muse. said...

you are sooo cool!!!! love your style and work ;)



alskdjla GORGEOUS PHOTOS. But I'm totally with you. the weather here has been ridiculously hot. makes me totally unproductive, uninspired, etc. Not good times!

Good luck with... not getting a tan! (Good call. Less chance of skin cancer too, boo yyyeahhh.)


Fashion Fabrice said...

you know some ppl are just prettier when they're not tanned, like my best friend and my sister too:) Their beauty comes more to life when they(re pale:)
So all my luck to you and staying white;)

Love this blog by the way!
Your outfits are great!


Froso M. said...

These are some awesome photos, but your style sense is even greater.

Froso from Style Nirvana.

Allysa Rismaya said...

you are very great :D
and also what an amazing outfit :)

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Meagan said...

You look great! I love your shoes and your bracelet!

Mel lee said...

the summer heat usually causes laziness but I do love the outfit.. the forever21 bracelet is <3.. and the boots too.. wish i could have one.. Have fun with your relatives,... and yes, the americans loves tan.. lol


jae said...

love your shirt and boots, and when i read the title "good bye baby" in my head i was automatically singing "good bye baby good bye! dwidoraseo geudaero apuero gamyeon dwae, amureon maldo, haji malgo" (i hope your referring to the song by miss A, or this comment is just going to be awkward haha)

Clio said...

thx for stopping by my blog.
i love the pics on your blog, really beautiful! if you want to stay pale, come live in belgium, the sun is playing hide and seek :)

Victoria said...

I love your boots! and I love the photos! you look fab! I know what you mean about tan especially when people look almost orange. xx

Mongs said...

haha...I wish I could be as disciplined a s you when it comes to the SPF thing. I'm veering towards looking like a different race soon. I like your thrifted finds, I don't usually stumble on good thrifted men's wear. You've got a unique look, I like what you're doing, I see a lot of passion. It's a fantastic change from looking at the usual women's thrifted style.

Thanks for dropping by my blog with a sweet note. Hope we can stay in touch, following yoU!


Aquí said...

I love it! Everyone wants that summer glow but its just not me. I'm pale and I don't mind one bit. We'll look fabulous when we're old :) Your blog is fantastic and you are adorable! Love it! I'll definitely be back!

Mary said...

what beautiful photos!

Bella said...

Beautiful! Love those photos! ..and I love whole this look!

Teddi said...

yeah, living in texas, i just go from one air conditioned place to another. your photos are fantastic!