Sunday, January 8, 2012

inspiration: strength

photographer: Hedi Slimane. stylist: Carine Roitfeld. "Temps Libre" Paris Vogue Nov 2010. source: fashion gone rogue
photographer: Mert & Marcus. stylist: Katie Grand. "His N Hers" LOVE S/S 2011. Source: fashion gone rogue
photographer: Helmut Newton. "Elsa Peretti in a Bunny Costume by Halston," 1975

photographer: Mark Squires. stylist: Alicia Lambardini. Vs Magazine S/S 2011 source: fashion gone rogue
photographer: Josh Olins. stylist: Alaistarr McKimm. Vogue China Nov 2011. source: fashion gone rogue
Helmut Newton - "Ru Aubriot", 1975 

How I'm inspired by these images doesn't necessarily just pertain to the styling or the photography, but it's the emotions and aura the images possess as well. Which to me is strength. I find these women empowering because even in a naked, half-naked, exposed, not-the-norm state, they still appear with dignity, grace, and self-respect. Another reason why I think they possess such strength is because they are at peace with their selves. Or maybe it's because their eyes are closed that they appear like that (I tend to do that in my own photos as well). . . regardless, they look they're at peace to me! With self-acceptance comes strength in my opinion. I find all these women to be beautiful because of the strength and inner-peace I sense.

ps. I can't get over how cool and effortless the woman in Helmut Newton's, "Ru Aubriot" looks. I want to be her! So effortless and underrated, so Parisian! It remains to be one of my favorite photos ever!
pss. I ♥ Fei Fei

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lucia m said...

love it!!!

Andrea said...

That Vogue China shoot is so powerful, I adore her bone structure and the black hair and black outfit.

Anonymous said...

the photos are really beautiful!^^
yes, I cut my hair :) thanks for your compliment!^^

Mani said...

fantastic pictures! So beautiful, so FASHION! <3

Sick by Trend said...

all of these photos are amazing! nice post :D


Veronica P. said...

Excellent post

Eli said...

Love sun feifei in that shot!

Théa Unknown said...

Really great photographies!

Théa Unknown

Kelly Malka said...

love these pictures!