Monday, January 31, 2011

back to class!

Vintage Ralph Lauren blazer, American apparel tank, American Eagle shorts, Vintage boots, Topshop scarf and bag, earmuffs N/A.

So I have been back in NYC since friday and it's freezing! I miss Florida weather. . .!
Today is the official first day of the spring semester! Joy. . . Today I have fashion art and design and speech group dynamics! Wish me luck!

Off to class! I am not looking forward to this semester at all!
Just wore something easy!

Stay warm! Of course I wore a coat but that's for another post!

p.s. I don't have my brother to take amazing pictures anymore! So I will try my best to produce great photos! All I have now is my canon power shot!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Thrifted sweater, romper, Uniqlo socks, Vintage shoes, Asos robot necklace & ring, Vintage Replay sunglasses.

I have been wanting a mint or jade colored item for the longest time! I finally found this sweater at a thrift store while I was out with my mom running some errands. I saw this sweater and it was perfect. It was only $1.50! You really never know what you will find while thrifting!

I feel like the previous owner of this sweater was a not so young lady, so when I wear this I feel like a slutty grandma. Sensual seduction~!

Back to the lovely NYC tomorrow! Florida, you have been very kind to me, but it is now time for me to return to the city where I belong and love =)
Although, I will miss my family and home cooked Vietnamese food.

Photos are taken by my brother! Thank to him these posts would not be possible!
Also, I just wanted to say thank you to all my new followers! Thank you for having interest in my blog! I will try my best to update as often as I can! I truly appreciate it! Love you all forever!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

botanical fail

This looks like multiple trees but it is actually one! Amazing right?! It felt so mystical being surrounded by all the roots and trunks. It was like being in an editorial by the amazing Grace Coddington.
This one looks like a dragon about to breathe fire!
Urban Outfitters blouse, Asos cowl long sleeve-T, Recycled American Eagle shorts, Uniqlo thigh high socks, Aldo shoes

So I went a botanical garden with my parents the other day and I was a bit disappointed because there were barely any flowers, as they were either dead or just haven't bloomed yet! I was expecting to see so many since Florida has a warm climate all year round! But no. . . At least I got one flower and a Buddha! Not a complete fail.

I just wore something simple and comfortable. That means no pants =)
I can never spell comfortable right. Always have to spell check it!
Now that is a fail.

p.s. I was awarded a Stylish Blogger Award by Jae at Jaelikesclothes! Thank you so much! This made me really happy! Yay! Don't forget to stop by her blog!

So I guess I have to follow the rules!

Rules of the award :
Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
Share 7 things about yourself.
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7 things about myself
- I am Vietnamese!
- I currently go to Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC for Fashion Design!
- I want to be a fashion stylist! That is my goal! Forget fashion design!
- I am scared of large fish!
- I love Asian dramas! Currently watching Secret Garden!
- I am obsessed with Japan and anything Japanese including Japanese people! Such a creep
- I love Hello Kitty!

My favorite recent discoveries!

There are so many that I recently dicovered but I can't remember them all!
Check out their blogs!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Urban Outfitters blazer, Asos cowl tank, Forever 21 pants, Vintage shoes, Uniqlo scarf, Flea Market pig brooch, Asos mice ring.

So I don't know if you lovelies have noticed but I really love my short shorts. I am just not a pants person. Pants are so restricting! You can move around so much more in shorts! I mean I don't have anything against pants I still love a good pair of jeans.

It has been quite cold here in Florida, and that means more leg coverage. Now, I could always wear tights or thigh highs but today I felt like wearing pants! These pants were in my last post about my recent purchases. I love knit pants they're so comfortable, and depending on how you style them you can easily wear them for a night out on the town!

p.s. The post title was inspired by my pig brooch! =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

guilt free shopping

blazers bought from vintage/thrift stores
asos draped cowl T and tank
urban outfitters blouse and thrifted overalls
forever 21 blazer vest and peg knit pants
flea market pig brooch, asos two mice kissing ring and robot necklace (my favorite)

So I don't know about you lovelies but whenever I go shopping a trail of guilt always haunts me! Maybe it's because I should be saving that money for food and school supplies. . .but I can't help it! I just need and want more clothes! It's a never ending hunger!

My mom took me shopping about a week ago and these were all the items I purchased! Just felt like sharing and there was no trail of guilt since a majority of the clothes were on sale and my mom paid for me. . . thanks mom! But don't be mistaken I usually feel really guilty spending my mom's or anyone's money!

On my next to get list
more accessories

One week until I return to NYC! =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a little walk on the wild side

Vintage Ralph Lauren Blazer, American Apparel Tank, Old Dance Pants, Vintage Boots, Urban Outfitters Sunglasses, Asos Robot Necklace.

So I don't know if you lovelies have noticed but I am not a big print person. I really love prints but I am usually attracted to more simple and neutral garments. Which causes me to overlook printed clothes! Something to add to my new year resolutions!

These shorts (previously pants) were actually part of my costume for one of my dance recitals during high school. Yes, I used to dance! Modern dance to be exact, and I miss it a lot! It kept me in shape and active. Anyways, I saw them sitting in my drawer and was unsure about what to do with them! So I just cut them and made them into shorts! The only garment in my wardrobe with any kind of print on it. . .

One step for Derek one giant leap for my wardrobe!

ps. I am currently in the warm, sunny state of Florida not NYC! I am home for winter break =)! Just to clear up any confusion =)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

the epitome of chic and glamour

Tom ford S/S 2011

I saw this a few weeks ago and I was in awe. . .! I thought this collection was gorgeous! I just had to share this video! I don't know you lovelies saw it or not.

What I really love about this collection and Tom Ford (besides the fact that he is super sexy) is that he really knows who his clients/target group, and he knows what they want. Which is so important for any entrepreneur to know. He really stayed true to his aesthetic. Each piece was so effortlessly sexy with the open backs, fitted silhouettes, plunging necklines, and classy hemlines.

So fabulous I'm dying!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Overalls + Dali

The pleats give the blouse a masculine edge which is why I love it!

It got cold, so I put on some thigh highs!

Outside the Dali Museum!

Urban Outfitters Blouse, Thrifted Overalls, Uniqlo Shirt & Thigh highs, Vintage Boots, Asos Robot Necklace, Replay Vintage Sunglasses

You would think that finding a pair of overalls would be quite simple, especially in the NYC right? Well, that is so wrong! I looked everywhere in NYC for a pair and failed miserably! However, yesterday I was checking out thrift stores with my mom and FINALLY I found a pair of glorious overalls! Yes! Victory is mine!! Now I can be Hello Kitty for Halloween this year! I love overalls they are so cute!

I also went to the newly renovated Dali Museum and it was great! Salvador Dali is so talented and clever. His paintings really make you think about and observe every detail. His paintings were quite difficult to interpret because they were so surreal and full of symbolic images that I did not recognize. But it was fun trying to figure the paintings out!

Here is my favorite piece by Salvador Dali.

Three Young Surrealistic Women Holding in Their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra

It's like an editorial out of a magazine isn't it? Love it!

ps. Thank you so much to all my new followers! I love you forever! I seriously I got so excited when I logged on (my internet has been down for the past week). Yay =)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

We are who we are

Uniqlo Cardigan & Tank, H&M Button-up, Asiaphillic Romper (shorts), Self-Made Bow Tie, Vintage Boots

It was my dad's birthday a few days ago (Jan 4th) and we celebrated by going to a delicious Italian restaurant called Brio. Italian food has to be one of my favorite food genres. Just behind Vietnamese and Thai food! So delicious!

I always worry about dressing "too different" whenever I go out with family or friends that are outside of NYC because I honestly worry about embarrassing them since people outside the city are a bit less. . . open minded. But I always have to remind myself that this is who I am and that I should not alter the way I dress for others. Neither should anyone else =) Now I just don't care. I wear my short shorts everywhere I go!